Episode #005: James Erdt – Comeback, Success, and Life Balance

Episode #005: James Erdt – Comeback, Success, and Life Balance

James Erdt is the founder, president, owner and co-owner of many successful businesses, including Joyzone.com and DynamoMastermind.com. Joyzone Inc. is an innovative, socially responsible, international organization dedicated to guiding people of all ages in fitness, nutrition and inspiration with leading edge products, speaking and workshops. 

As a conscious, caring and profitable corporation, Joyzone Inc. believes in leading by example and sharing their message with others, so they too, may live a Healthy Life of Well-Being and JOY!

In this interview, James tells a poignant story of going to the “dark side”, facing adversity and death, to come back and create near-instant success and to inspire others.

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