Episode #001: Dan Blackburn – Pillars of Greatness: Why Some Athletes Make It and Most Don’t

Dan Blackburn is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor to the youth, and the founder of National Training Centres in Toronto, ON.  His new book, Stories That Will Rock You, Shock You, and Inspire You, showcases 17 athletes who achieved their dream of playing pro hockey. What is common among all of them is that they were some of the least likely candidates to succeed, judged by their natural talent. They faced rejection over and over again but found a way to push through, keep the dream alive, and persevere.

In this interview, Dan discusses what makes these individual successful. Having spent almost two decades coaching and mentoring young athletes, some of whom have gone to play in NHL and European pro leagues, and become The Stanley Cup and World Champions, Dan offers a unique insight into the key principal of success that he calls “The Pillars of Greatness”.

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