Episode #005: Claudia Harvey – The Entrepreneur’s Journey

Claudia Harvey is a co-founder of Dig It Apparel. She made a name for heself and she and her business partner Wendy showed up at Dragons’ Den (The Canadian version of Shark Tank) and landed a deal with probably the most notorious of the “dragons”, Kevin O’Leary.

In this interview, Claudia discusses the building blocks of her success as an entrepreneur and uncovers what the next chapter in her business career is going to be about.  Read more ›

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Episode #005: James Erdt – Comeback, Success, and Life Balance

James Erdt

James Erdt is the founder, president, owner and co-owner of many successful businesses, including Joyzone.com and DynamoMastermind.com. Joyzone Inc. is an innovative, socially responsible, international organization dedicated to guiding people of all ages in fitness, nutrition and inspiration with leading edge products, speaking and workshops.  Read more ›

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Episode #004: Suzan Hart – Leading With Character

Suzan Hart

Suzan Hart is a speaker, author, master trainer, athlete, leadership coach, and a millionaire-maker. Her new book, Leading with Character, is a must-read for everyone aspiring to be a better leader. Read more ›

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Episode #003: Jonathan Senior – How (and Why) to Set a World Record

In this episode, I was able to get on the phone with Jonathan Senior, a marketing coach and trainer for England.  Recently, he made an attempt to set a world record for the longest webinar ever. Read more ›

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Episode #002: James Dentley – Platform Selling: 3 Steps to Successfully Selling From Stage

James Dentley

James has trained over 400,000 people in business and has personally created well over 70 millionaires.

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Episode #001: Dan Blackburn – Pillars of Greatness: Why Some Athletes Make It and Most Don’t

Dan Blackburn

Dan Blackburn is an entrepreneur, coach, mentor to the youth, and the founder of National Training Centres in Toronto, ON.  His new book, Stories That Will Rock You, Shock You, and Inspire You, showcases 17 athletes who achieved their dream of playing pro hockey. What is common among all of them is that they were some of the least likely candidates to succeed, judged by their natural talent. They faced rejection over and over again but found a way to push through, keep the dream alive, and persevere.
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